Silver Statements at Silver Surroundings

Who ever said the grey scale was boring??


Ivy Revel brings exciting pieces in spring news; filling our screens with monochrome tones…AND WE LOVE IT !!


Two of my favourite pieces from this collection have to include the BALTIC and BANFOUR two piece cropped tee and skirt.

If you usual look is feeling a bit worn out and you’re in the mood for something slightly more bold and put there then this is the outfit for you!!


Sold separately, the two items can easily be paired with your previously favourite item or with a completely different item from the collection! (Particularly the BALTIC w/ the ELLIOT and even the BANFOUR crop tee with the QUEEN GREY SILVER track suit bottoms for a glamafied casual look.


A straight cut skirt is the classic go to throw on for me when I’m feel chilly and want to wrap up warm yet still feel feminine a skirt and lots of knitted jumpers are at hand !!

However the skirt can be boring and repetitive, for me, I go for a simple structured high waisted body con skirt (to hug my bum if course) either in a dark warm colour such as navy, wine red or black for the evening and a pastel pink, blue, cream or grey to brighten up the dingy days. So it came as no surprise to me that I fell so deeply in love with Ivy Revels new cut skirts!

The Baltic skirt is truly amazing and i can’t seem to get enough of it! The asymmetrical cut enlightens the leg and hints and flaunts the sexuality whilst the knee length of the rest of the skirt looks classy and conservative, the two cuts side by side greatly juxtapose in a deeply complementary way!

This though, is closely (and I mean closely) followed by the other spring news skirt, CALDER! This extremely classy and sexy skirt is slightly raised horizontally along the front with black segments falling on either side of the leg elongating the leg and accentuates your silhouette.

Both skirts work great as a day or night look !!

Check them out and get yours here;



That cosy Friday night feeling

imageI’ve definitely got that fragile Friday night feeling and fruit and Vogue is definitely the way to brighten those blues!

I love comparing this months latest trend setting magazine with the last months (whether it be Cosmopolitan or Vogue) once cover to cover has been deeply scrutinised last months comes straight out, checking out the differences between colours and styles.

A chilled night in is well deserved before a big weekend ahead !!

Have a lovely Friday evening


Monochrome Matters Mate

My outfit (left) Trousers, Top, Cardigan and Shoes; RiverIsland. Kelsey (right) Joni jeans and Top; Topshop.

My outfit (left) Trousers, Top, Cardigan and Shoes; RiverIsland. Kelsey (right) Joni jeans and Top; Topshop.

On a girls night out monochrome matters! A simple b&w outfit might just be what you need to make the impact you are wishing for !! Strut your stuff in a matching pair of chunky heels to lengthen those legs and portray that killer spider look or pair with a funky pair of trainers for a slightly more casual take.

A slimming high waisted pant is perfect for the late night chilly weather and a sweet crop tops the look off !!

All my girls know a neon outfit is a definite no no when a classy night of drinks is in store !!